Monday, December 27, 2010

Big Bang: What Banged?

I answered to this question:
Physics major question: Big Bang: What Banged?
New black hole theory: I applied the quantum mechanics limits to gravitation.

Because the gravity can not compress the universe beyond the Planck density the minimum volume of the Universe Vmin is equal with the mass of the Universe divided by the Planck density: Vmin = Muniverse / Pdensity

Big Bang: What Banged?
Banged the volume Vmin or a volume very close to Vmin if before was a Big Crunch.

My contributions are: I explained why there aren’t singularities inside the black holes, isn’t event horizon and light can ‘escape’ from the black hole.
I explained when a black hole can generate a gamma ray burst, a quasar; I revealed a new theory for quasars.
I answered to this essential question:
Big Bang: What Banged?

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