Monday, December 27, 2010

Afterlife in Dark Matter

My theory: Afterlife in Dark Matter

We are in the Universe and the Universe is in us.
The Universe contains 23% dark matter and 4.6% visible matter; this means there is 5 times more dark matter than visible matter.
Because it is so much dark matter in Universe, somewhere have to be dark matter in us; I consider that our Aura is made of dark matter.
The aura is the energetic envelope that enfolds the body of any living thing.
The aura is not just composed of energies absorbed and transformed from the elements of nature. There is a subtle interaction of the body with the energy fields, look at my wave functions.


Prophets like Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed… are alive, are living in this ‘dark matter Universe’.
The Aura is made of dark matter because we can not measure it with our instruments, detectors and associated equipment.
The dark matter decays very slowly and thus has a very, very long lifetime that is why in my view Aura is made of dark matter.
How the dark matter particles go through the Earth in the same way the Auras (Auras of deceased people named ghosts) go trough walls. When we are swimming the Aura is not affected.
The saints like Jesus said: My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom; at that time they did not know to say nonbaryonic Kingdom.
Our life, our Evolution was an oscillation, a wave between world of matter and dark matter world.
When people are sleeping the body receives the recovering information from a matrix of information memorized inside the Aura.
All our body, brain activities are recorded in our Aura: like good and bad thoughts… karma.
The material world is an inferior world because the saints do not come too often, regularly to visit us.
In my view the top Aliens are not in this material, visible, small Universe where people are waiting to see them; God created the small visible Universe and the 5 times bigger, larger the ‘dark matter Universe’.
The Aura is the most beautiful thing. How do I know?
Because I saw it!

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