Saturday, September 10, 2016

Today smartest physicists, Stephen Hawking, Edward Witten, Michio Kaku say erroneous things about God and Consciousness.
In 2006 when I wrote my book, I Am Creating God, where I tried to link God with Consciousness, the smartest scientists did not talk about God and Consciousness.
Vision means to study something very important, the most important thing, when nobody understands it. And of course I did not get a job because of my vision.
My Gravitation theory explains that the Gravitons, the Gravitational waves have a speed higher than the speed of light.
I am wondering if in couple years, all the great scientists limited in thinking today to the speed of light for the Gravitational waves, will not talk about Gravitational waves with a speed higher than the speed of light.
You do not learn about Consciousness at university, because the majority of professors and students, 98% how I calculated, have ‘small’ Consciousness.
Your professors do not understand Gravitation, they teach you Einstein Gravitation theory a wrong theory, and this means they have ‘small’ minds, not only ‘small’ Consciousness.
"What did Darwin not understand? The evolution of consciousness"
                                                                                           Adrian Ferent

Sean Carroll says erroneous things about Consciousness: