Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Albert Einstein understood the photoelectric effect but he did not understand Gravitation.
Bohr was right when he told to Einstein not to work on Gravitation because he will not be able to explain it.
Bohr and others did not have to courage to study Gravitation.        
Einstein deserved a Nobel Prize for Gravitation because all the scientists considered that he explained Gravitation in General Relativity theory.
Einstein tried to explain Gravitation in General Relativity but he did not succeed.
You learned from your professors at universities that General Relativity explains Gravitation.
All important journals today accept manuscripts related to Gravitation only if they are based on General Relativity.
In my view nobody explained Gravitation; nobody was able to explain why an apple fell on Newton’s head.
General relativity, LQG, String theory, Quantum gravity theories are wrong theories because are limited to the speed of light and do not explain Gravitation.
“I am the first who Understood and Explained Gravitation with high speed gravitons v = 1.001762 × 10^17 m/s, with Negative Impulse, Negative Mass and Negative Energy”                                                       Adrian Ferent