Saturday, February 10, 2018

“Gravitons kill Aliens”
Adrian Ferent

“I am the first who explained Gravitational Radiation”
Adrian Ferent

“Gravitons emitted by Black Holes kill Aliens”
Adrian Ferent

I calculated: the graviton’s energy emitted by black holes is higher than: 
            E = 4.14559 × 105 GeV

“Gravitational radiation is gravitons”
Adrian Ferent

“Gravitational Radiation is the most dangerous because it travels the farthest and is the most penetrating”
Adrian Ferent

“I am the first who explained the lack of extraterrestrial civilizations”
Adrian Ferent

“Scientists are looking for extraterrestrial civilizations, where is a high density of stars and planets, around Black Holes, like in the center of our galaxy.
It is the same thing like looking for forests in the Sahara desert because is big”
Adrian Ferent

“Looking at stars I realized how powerful is the Mind, to know where the extraterrestrial civilizations in our Milky Way galaxy are”
Adrian Ferent

Where to look for extraterrestrial civilizations?
“Extraterrestrial civilizations are on planets moving around stars far away from Black Holes”
Adrian Ferent

The number of civilizations in our galaxy;
Drake equation:

The equation is wrong because Drake concluded that  N ≈ L, this means N is between 1000 and 100,000,000 civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy.

The Milky Way is estimated to contain 100–400 billion stars.
This means the majority of stars do not have at least a planet with intelligent life.

The Milky Way is home to more than 100 million black holes.
The Milky Way galaxy has a supermassive black hole, 4.1 million solar masses, at its center, 26000 light-years from the Solar System. 
Sagittarius A* is the location of the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

 “Black holes are Ferent matter”
Adrian Ferent

The central cubic parsec around Sagittarius A* contains around 10 million stars.
How you can see in the picture there are a lot of stars in the center of our galaxy.
Because of Sagittarius A*:

“There are not extraterrestrial civilizations in the center of our galaxy”
Adrian Ferent

Where are extraterrestrial civilizations?

“The volume in Milky Way galaxy where life is possible:

Vl – volume in Milky Way galaxy where life is possible
VM – volume of the Milky Way galaxy
Vi – the volume around each black hole where intelligent life can not exist
n – the number of black holes in Milky Way galaxy”
Adrian Ferent

“Around each Black hole there is a volume where can not exist civilizations, because of deadly gravitons emitted by Black hole”
Adrian Ferent

We have to look for extraterrestrial civilizations, only in the volume Vl, not in the entire Milky Way galaxy like Drake equation and other equations do or how Asimov calculated.

The number of planets in our galaxy on which there are extraterrestrial civilizations is considered approximately 530000.
How I explained we have to look only in Vl, this means the number of extraterrestrial civilizations is much smaller than 530000.

The nearest known exoplanet is ‘Proxima Centauri b’ located at 1.3 parsec, from Earth.

The Fermi paradox is the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.
There are billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy that are similar to the Sun and no evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations.
For example SETI has not found any signals from alien civilizations.
Perhaps prudent civilizations actively hide not from our civilization, but from other more advanced civilizations.

“Why there is no evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations? Because gravitons emitted by black holes kill Aliens”
Adrian Ferent

Anyway the evolution of intelligence seems to be rarer.
On Earth, no other forms of comparable intelligence existed until humans evolved.
Homo sapiens, our own species, came into existence maybe 200,000 years ago. 

“I am the first who explained the lack of extraterrestrial civilizations”
Adrian Ferent

Two Supermassive Black holes are in the center of our galaxy, they kill all the intelligent life around them.
The second black hole is 100000 times more massive than the sun, 200 light years from the center of the galaxy. 
That is why:

“There are not extraterrestrial civilizations in the center of our galaxy”
Adrian Ferent

“The source for Gravitational radiation: from 100 million black holes from our galaxy and from black holes outside the Milky Way galaxy”
Adrian Ferent

Black holes closer to Earth: the black hole V404 Cygni is located 7800 light-years from Earth.
Supermassive black holes are in the center of each galaxy.

“I found the answer to this question: why the Universe is so quiet and why we do not see UFOs?

There are only a small number of extraterrestrial civilizations in a galaxy; there are not extraterrestrial civilizations in the center of the galaxy where is the highest density of stars, there are not extraterrestrial civilizations around Black Holes”
Adrian Ferent

“Gravitons kill people”
Adrian Ferent

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My Evolution theory, not Darwin's theory is applicable to people: