Saturday, April 9, 2016

“In the last 100 years physicists did not understand Gravitation, that is why they did not understand Quantum Mechanics” Adrian Ferent
“I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics” Richard Feynman
Feynman was right because all Gravitation theories are wrong theories.

The Observer in quantum mechanics explained by Ferent Gravitation theory:
Superposition fails when an observation is made, because there is energy to sustain this superposition.

That a quantum state remains in superposition until the difference of energies attains a small level:
Ferent equation for photon – graviton interaction:

E = h × f + a × f - a × ν

Quantum state gets broken up into a superposition of eigenstates: 
   |ψ) = Σ an|En)
You have learned from your professors that our quantum state |ψ) has "collapsed" into the eigenstate |En) with the probability |an|2.
In Ferent Gravitation theory Eh × f + a × f - a × ν and is precise calculated  and is not a PROBABILISTIC event how you learned!
This means no superposition of eigenstates near a black hole, because the gravitons have high energy. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Experiments to test Ferent Gravitation theory vs Einstein Gravitation theory!

In the double slit experiment the interacting observer is an instrument, detector…

My experiment: if you replace the detector with a piece of metal (high density) with the same mass as the mass of the detector, the wave will collapse (in Einstein Gravitation theory the wave will not collapse, only travels through warped spacetime) into a single state because of my theory photon – graviton interaction:
Ferent equation for photon – graviton interaction:

E = h × f + a × f - a × ν

where - a × ν is the negative energy of the graviton
ν is the frequency of the graviton
Here we know the frequency of the photon f and the frequency of the graviton f. With different metals we have different frequencies of the graviton ν.
A lot of experiments can be done, and will result a lot of data!
Ferent gravitation theory explains the double slit experiment!

You can read on my theory:
Decoherence explained by my theory

The electromagnetic wave is the superposition of 3 sinusoids; this means the electromagnetic wave will be collapsed by the presence of an electric field, of a magnetic field, of a gravitational field, by another electromagnetic wave… 
In my electromagnetic theory, gravity does collapse quantum superpositions, gravity bends light because light has 3 sinusoids, has a gravitational sinusoid!
In Maxwell electromagnetic theory, gravity does not collapse quantum superpositions, gravity does not bend light, because light has only 2 sinusoids!
So decoherence is due to the gravitational field, for example to the gravitational waves generated by the observer in the double-slit experiment.