Saturday, April 9, 2016

“In the last 100 years physicists did not understand Gravitation, that is why they did not understand Quantum Mechanics” Adrian Ferent
“I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics” Richard Feynman
Feynman was right because all Gravitation theories are wrong theories.

The Observer in quantum mechanics explained by Ferent Gravitation theory:
Superposition fails when an observation is made, because there is energy to sustain this superposition.

That a quantum state remains in superposition until the difference of energies attains a small level:
Ferent equation for photon – graviton interaction:

E = h × f + a × f - a × ν

Quantum state gets broken up into a superposition of eigenstates: 
   |ψ) = Σ an|En)
You have learned from your professors that our quantum state |ψ) has "collapsed" into the eigenstate |En) with the probability |an|2.
In Ferent Gravitation theory Eh × f + a × f - a × ν and is precise calculated  and is not a PROBABILISTIC event how you learned!
This means no superposition of eigenstates near a black hole, because the gravitons have high energy. 

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