Saturday, October 14, 2017

Nobel Prize for LIGO, the biggest fraud in science, because Einstein gravitation theory is wrong.

How travel these special Gravitational Waves triggered by the violent merger of two black holes 1.8 billion light years away:
With the speed of light these special Gravitational Waves first have arrived at LIGO in Hanford, Washington, 8 ms later they have arrived at LIGO in Livingston, Louisiana and after 6 ms finally they have arrived at Virgo detector, located near Pisa, Italy.

These special Gravitational Waves travel like Santa Claus who travels 510,000,000 kilometers over the course of one night - moving at a speed of 10,703,437.5km/hr between cities.

Einstein did not receive the Nobel Prize for his wrong gravitation theory, but they received the Nobel Prize today for the gravitatational waves, predicted by Einstein’s wrong theory.
Einstein did not understand quantum gravity.
Ferent quantum gravity theory is the right gravitation theory.
“Einstein bent the space, Ferent unbent the space”
Adrian Ferent
“Einstein bent the time, Ferent unbent the time”
Adrian Ferent
“LIGO is the biggest fraud in science”
Adrian Ferent
“In the last 100 years nobody discovered 1 meter of curved space”
Adrian Ferent

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