Wednesday, August 9, 2017

“Einstein bent the space, Ferent   unbent the space”
Adrian Ferent

I explained Gravitational time dilation!

“Einstein bent the time, Ferent unbent the time”
Adrian Ferent

Einstein’s geometric gravity is not a force like in Newton’s theory, but a consequence of the distortion of space and time.

“Gravitational field strength is smaller at higher altitude, because the flux of gravitons to the same surface is smaller at higher altitude, this means fewer interactions.”
Adrian Ferent

“Interactions in my Gravitation theory, curvature in Einstein Gravitation theory”
Adrian Ferent

Because of fewer interactions with gravitons, clocks that are far from massive bodies run more quickly and clocks close to massive bodies run more slowly.

“Scientists are more rigorous to indoctrinate people, than clerics.
Clerics need a thousand years to indoctrinate population with a new religion, scientists needed one hundred years to indoctrinate the whole world with Einstein's Gravitation theory, a wrong theory.”
Adrian Ferent

All Gravitation theories based on Einstein gravitation theory are wrong, from example the String theory.

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