Wednesday, November 30, 2016

“To oscillate photons need energy, that is why they emit Gravitons with negative energy and negative impulse.” Adrian Ferent
From Newton, Maxwell, Einstein…you learned that light, photons are perpetual motion machines, are in perpetual motion.
All physicists, mathematicians, engineers…were not capable to explain the Gravitation.

 “My Nobel Prize - Discovery: the Photon – Graviton pair (coupled) has the same speed and frequency, and the photon energy divided by the graviton energy, is the electromagnetic energy divided by the gravitational energy, the electromagnetic force divided by the gravitational force” Adrian Ferent
“Ferent equation for the energy of a photon E = h × f + a × f ” Adrian Ferent

“Ferent equation for photon – graviton interaction: E = h × f + a × f - a × ν “ Adrian Ferent

The most important properties in my view of the Gravitons:
  1. Gravitons help photons (and all the particles) to oscillate.
  2. Gravitons collapse matter, bring everything together.
  3. Gravitons transfer energy, transfer mass. The Higgs boson is not involved.
Because of these properties the Graviton is the most important particle, is the God particle; not the Higgs boson.

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