Monday, August 10, 2015

3 Nobel Prizes in 1 year!
I discovered the Gravitation theory for Nobel Prize in physics, I discovered the Evolution theory for Nobel Prize in medicine and I discovered the Transdisciplinarity equations for Nobel Peace Prize.
If my theories are right I can receive 3 Nobel Prizes in one year!

“I am the first who Understood and Explained the Gravitation with high speed gravitons v = 1.001762 × 10^17 m/s, with Negative Impulse, Negative Mass and Negative Energy”                                                       Adrian Ferent

Darwin developed his Evolution theory on animals; I developed my Evolution theory on people” Adrian Ferent
"Our evolution level is our consciousness level"         Adrian Ferent                                                                                                          

Transdisciplinarity equations:
To understand the peace, the conflicts and to resolve them the most important thing is to explain mathematically the Mind equation, the Consciousness equation, Who am I equation!

Anyway I am the first in the world who wrote the 3 most important theories: Gravitation, Evolution, Transdisciplinarity (links between science and spirituality)!

You can decide if my theories are better than the theories of Nobel laureates in physics, in physiology or medicine, for peace!
My view:
If my gravitation theory is right, it is more important than all the theories of Nobel laureates in physics!
If my evolution theory is right, it is more important than all the theories of Nobel laureates in physiology or medicine!
If my transdisciplinarity equations are right, they are more important than the work of Nobel peace laureates!

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