Monday, July 7, 2014

My Nobel Prize Idea: I calculated the units of Adrian Ferent wall (‘a” constant) and the Graviton from the Photon – Graviton interaction not from Einstein - Hilbert Equations or from quantum mechanics, with couple Planck lengths for the graviton (String theory).
“The Photon – Graviton pair has the same speed and frequency, and the photon energy divided by the graviton energy is the electromagnetic energy divided by the gravitational energy, the electromagnetic force ( for virtual photons) divided by the gravitational force (for virtual gravitons).” Adrian Ferent

After 100 years my quantum theory breaks the wall of Planck scale.
Energy conservation: an electron receives the photn-graviton pair and emits a photon-graviton pair.
Dummy things about gravitons:
The graviton is an open string with the length of couple Planck lengths.
This means the graviton is gigantic, that is why the string theory is wrong!
My theory: the graviton can go through a Planck length, or any wall where the photon can’t.go through.
The graviton was not detected because has a very small energy
The light can not escape from the black hole, but the small gravitons can very easy go through the event horizons
What Hawking says, “remains a mystery.”, for my quantum  theory it is reality!  

Planck constant: 6.6×10^(-34) J•s,
Planck length 1.6 ×10^(-35) meters

Adrian Ferent constant: a = 1.59×10^(-76) J•s

Length: la =7.9×10^(-57) meters

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