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Consciousness and Evolution

An abstract of my theory:

“Our evolution level is our consciousness level”  Adrian Ferent

The laws of Classical Mechanics leave the phenomenal/experiential aspects of Reality completely out.
Newton: “…to determine by what modes or actions light produces in our minds the        phantasm of color is not so easy”
Leibniz: “Moreover, it must be confessed that perception and that which depends upon it are inexplicable on mechanical grounds that are to say, by means of figures and motions.”

The cause takes place from the interactions of the elementary particles. The elementary particles create atoms, atoms create molecules, molecules create cells, and cells create tissues, organs.
The final, the last cause is always the interactions between the elementary particles.

Understanding this mind-brain connection is central to understanding the ontological conception of nature offered by orthodox quantum mechanics.
Max Planck found that he could get a formula that correctly described the (experimentally measured) black-body spectrum if he assumed the energy of a harmonic wave (or harmonic oscillator) to be given by: E = hf
where f is the frequency of the harmonic wave. The constant h ( 6.63 x 10-34 joule-second) was new to science.
Planck regarded his quantum hypothesis as an expedient mathematical trick which subsequent work would surely prove unnecessary. But he was mistaken. This was no mere trick; in fact, it represented a complete break with the Newtonian world view.
The photoelectric effect is the phenomenon in which light incident on a metal is found to liberate electrons from the metal's surface only when the incident light is exceeds a minimum frequency. This is true even for extremely low light intensities. Moreover, the number of liberated electrons is found to be directly proportional to the intensity of the incident light. In Maxwell's electromagnetic theory the energy of light does not depend on its frequency, but rather on the strength of the electromagnetic field. Therefore, it was very difficult to understand why the frequency of light had anything to do with the liberation of electrons from a metal's surface.
Today belief is that all cause moves from the elementary particles, from small to big, that is we can name it as an ‘ascending causation’, this means the free will does not exist. This is the present paradigm.

The contrary view is that everything begins with consciousness, so the consciousness is the ground of all being.
In this case the consciousness requires a ‘descending causation’ in other words our free will is real. This means our creativity, our moral decisions acts of free will.
In those occasions we are actually observing ‘descending causation’ by consciousness. In the West consciousness and matter are separate.

In 1982 in France, Alain Aspect and his collaborators performed a great experiment that conclusively established the reality of the spiritual notions and particularly the notion of transcendence.
In this experiment an atom emits two quanta of light, named photons, going in opposite ways and somehow these photons affect one another’s behavior at a distance, without exchanging any signals through space.

Von Neumann identifies two key components of the Quantum Dynamics:
Process 1 is an action that divides the current quantum state of the universe into a part that is compatible with a particular possible experience, and the complementary part that is not.
This process-1 action logically precedes a random choice between the two options that this process-1 action defines.
Process 2 is the (Schroedinger) Evolution of the quantum state. It holds between the instantaneous Process-1 related reductions events.
This von Neumann-based ontology provides a rationally coherent conception of what is really going on in Nature.
Each Process-1 action specifies a particular connection between the physical and phenomenal realms.
But the causal roots of these Process-1 actions are not specified by the currently known laws!

Objects in quantum physics started to be looked upon as waves of possibility. There are levels of reality other than the material level. Quantum objects started to be looked upon as waves of possibility not like regular waves.
They started to be accepted as waves in potential, waves of possibility and the potential was recognized as transcendent, beyond matter somehow. 
Do collapse events only in conjunction with human-type consciousness?
Von Neumann: collapse events take place only in conjunction with human conscious experiences.
But they could occur also at the macroscopic measuring devices, without appreciably affecting the predictions of orthodox quantum mechanics!

Are collapse events general?
There is no empirical evidence for collapses beyond those associated with human consciousness.
But, philosophically, it seems extremely unlikely that something so profoundly effective as these collapse events could come into existence only in association with human beings, or even with life in general.
If collapse events exist at all, they are “most naturally” a general feature of nature that, in association with the emergence of living species, evolved by natural selection in a way that led eventually, in human beings, to the consciousness we know.

Any influence must travel, if it travels through space, taking a finite time. This is named the idea of locality. Every signal is supposed to be local in the sense that it must take a finite time to travel through space. But the photons emitted by the atom in Aspect’s experiment influence one another at a distance, without exchanging signals. The influence must belong to a domain of reality that we must recognize as the transcendent domain of reality. This experiment is telling us that we should change our view because we too are quantum objects. 
This means the spirituality is in the end coming from some sort of material interaction. 
Orthodox quantum mechanics allows consciousness to evolve in step with the brain by Natural Selection.
We can truly see that consciousness is operating ingeniously even in biology, even in the evolution of species. So we can now fill up these gaps that conventional biology cannot explain with ideas which are essentially spiritual ideas, such as consciousness as the creator, designer of the world. 
This is the key role of conscious awareness both in free will and in evolution. Consciousness wishes to experience and the world creates those experiences.
This is wholeness, the integration of the spiritual and the scientific.
Classical mechanics taught us that objects are definite things; they can be seen all the time, moving in exact trajectories. Quantum physics doesn’t depict objects that way at all. In quantum physics objects are seen as possibilities, possibility waves.
Classical Mechanics deals exclusively with physical properties, with mathematical quantities assigned to points in space-time.

So how can a brain which is made up of atoms and elementary particles convert a possibility wave? It itself is made up of the possibility waves of atoms and elementary particles, so it cannot convert its own possibility wave into actuality. This is called a paradox. Now in the new view, consciousness is the ground of being. So who converts possibility into actuality? Consciousness does and is not made of matter, consciousness is transcendent.
By saying that there is only one reality, the material reality, you are still dealing with only one level; you are ignoring the transcendent level.

The paradigm - changing view right here, how consciousness can be said to create the material world? The material world of quantum physics is just possibility. It is the consciousness, through the conversion of possibility into actuality, which creates what we see; in other words consciousness assembles, creates the manifest world. 
We are now witnessing through this new paradigm.

The stigma that science is only separateness goes away. This is true the materialist science is a separatist science.
But the new science, though, however says that the material part of the world does exist, the separative movement is part of reality also, but it is not the only part of reality.

Heisenberg: “The conception of the objective reality of the elementary particles has thus evaporated not into the cloud of some obscure new reality concept, but into the transparent clarity of mathematics that represents no longer the behavior of the particle but rather our knowledge of this behavior.”

The anthropic principle is the idea has been growing among astronomers that the universe has a purpose. Because the universe is so fine-tuned, there are so many coincidences that it seems very likely that the universe is doing something purposive, as if the universe is growing in such a way that a sentient being will arise at some point.

The Mind-Brain connection:
Understanding this mind-brain connection is central to understanding the ontological conception of nature offered by orthodox quantum mechanics.

Human beings may not be the end of it, but certainly they are the first fruition here on earth, because here is then the possibility of manifest creativity, creativity in the sentient, conscious, being itself. The animals are certainly sentient, but they are not creative in the sense that people are. The universe is self-aware, but it is self-aware through us. We are the meaning, the sense of the universe.

Consciousness and Evolution
Darwin developed his Evolution theory on animals, I developed my Evolution theory on people”  Adrian Ferent

I consider the consciousness a probability space and the measure of the whole space is equal to one and because of the consciousness polarity I will define the qubit of consciousness and the consciousness states keeping the analogy with the qubits and the quantum states from quantum mechanics.
The quantum state-vector corresponds more or less directly to whatever exists in reality.

Enlightenment in a worldly context often means the full comprehension of a situation. As a spiritual term enlightenment alludes to a spiritual revelation or deep insight into the meaning and purpose of all things, communication with or understanding of the mind of God; a fundamentally changed consciousness whereby everything is perceived as a unity.
In parapsychology and various forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person like the halo in religious art.
The human being is seen as a spirit, possessing a mind by which he controls the physical body.
The picture of such an aura often connotes a person of particular power or holiness.

Life cycle
I see like everything in Universe has a cyclic process of Evolution.
The word cycle is derived from the Greek word Kuklos, or a ring; the corresponding word in the Sanscrit is Kalpa.
We noticed how past situations keep reappearing until you get them right. This is a little like what Nietzsche called “eternal recurrence”.
The human soul had its cycle, it being 5,000 years; this 5,000-year cycle is nearing completion.
One World cycle is only 5000 years.

In the next table I’ll give an idea about the approximate average intervals between lives.

Average interval between lives(Total)
Astral life
Mental life

Causal life

From this table I calculated the percentages of people corresponding to each life.
How we can see people who are at the first life (in close proximity to animal level) on Earth will reincarnate after 55 years; people who are at the second life they will reincarnate after 150 years and so on.
People who are at the sixth live here they will reincarnate after 2,200 years.
Now having the intervals between lives and the historical estimates of world population I calculated how many people are at each level: L1, L2, …L7.
I see Evolution related to the cause and effect law, and everything is stabilized by a feedback, a feedback of information.
The amount of integrated information that an individual possesses corresponds to its level of consciousness.

“Our evolution level is our consciousness level”  Adrian Ferent

This means evolution and consciousness are represented by the same exponential function.
A simple function to represent my theory is: f(x) = e^(kx)
Because evolution and consciousness are related to information:
I define cobit or consciousness bit a unit of consciousness, analogue of the classical bit.

The Evolution E = a f(x) , the Consciousness C = c f(x)
The number of years x, and k is a constant k = u / L , where u = 1.9459 and I will approximate u = 2
L = 5000 years , the value of the human soul cycle.
This means C = ce^(2x / 5000) , where c = 1 cobit .
The graphic representation of the function:

Where 1 represent the first level of evolution L1, when x = 0.
When x = 0 , L1 = 1 because I considered people at the first level of evolution have ‘some’ consciousness.
If we want to start from 0 , L1 = 0 the equation is:
C = c(e^(kx) – 1)
How you can see at the first 3 lives the level of consciousness is very small.
I calculated 98% of population is at the first 3 level of evolution.
For example: L2 is at the end of the second life: x = 125, and the consciousness for people at this level is 
C = c(e^125k – 1)
C = 0.05127 , how you can see not much consciousness in this world, because the huge majority of the population are these first 3 levels of consciousness.
For the majority of the population the value of consciousness is between 0 and 0.05127

My Evolution theory explains everybody evolves trough time, at each moment we are at different level of evolution.
The good news, after 5000 years everybody will reach, will arrive at L7!

A precise equation for the consciousness depending of time:

N0 – initial number of consciousness states
N  – the final number of consciousness states
T –  the value of the human soul cycle (5000 years), for atheists (70 years)
x – the time between 0 and T

Atheists are wrong because if N0 = 0 and T =70 years after 10 years for example people will have the same consciousness what is not true. 

"I am a WAVE and the wave function is:
|ψ> = c1 |Φ1> + c2|Φ2> + c3|Φ3> + c4|Φ4> + c5|Φ5> + c6|Φ6> + c7|Φ7>
are 7 states |Φi > because are 7 major chakras or energy centers."
Adrian Ferent

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